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كانون EOS 5D MARK III ‫( 22.3 ميجابيكسل)

كانون EOS 5D MARK III ‫( 22.3 ميجابيكسل)

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The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a DSLR camera designed for semi professional to full blown photographers. The large 22.3MP sensor captures images at full frame size (24 x 36mm format) for unbeatable clarity and image detail. The advanced DIGIC 5+ image processor speeds up the process of capturing, processing, and saving pictures, enabling high speed photography experiences. The high performance 61 point AF system on this black camera ensures that the focus still remains on the subject irrespective of the lighting conditions or whether the subject is still or moving. KEY FEATURES 950 g hdmi 22.3MP 3.2 INCH 61 Point High Density Reticular AF 61 POINT HIGH DENSITY RETICULAR AF The new 61 Point High Density Reticular AF with an Offset Array Sensor allows for accurate AF performance. Along with a multi zone wide area AF to give you enhanced tracking, it also delivers five central dual cross type points (f/2.8 diagonal), 20 outer cross type points (f/4.0 horizontal), and 21 central cross type points (f/5.6 horizontal and vertical). It is very sensitive to dim lighting conditions (EV 2 for a central point with the f/2.8 lens). The new firmware upgrade enables cross type autofocusing with the center AF point when the maximum aperture on a Canon EF lens/extender combination is as little as f/8. The four AF points around the center will act as the AF assist points. The vertical and horizontal contrast is effectively measured by the AF points. These are located above/below and left/right of the center respectively. iFCL Metering with 63 Zone Dual Layering Metering Sensor IFCL METERING WITH 63 ZONE DUAL LAYERING METERING SENSOR The AF readings of this DSLR are integrated into the 63 zone multi layer iFCL (intelligent Focus Color Luminance) Metering System. It considers the luminosity and color surrounding the chosen AF points to deliver accurate metering even in changing lighting conditions. This metering system helps deliver perfect shots every time with evaluative, center weighted, partial and spot metering, and 5 step exposure compensation. High Speed Continuous Shooting HIGH SPEED CONTINUOUS SHOOTING The 8 channel data readout from the 22.3MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ image processing with a faster shutter and mirror system lets you capture full frame images and save them quickly onto UDMA or SD cards housed in the dual card slots of the camera. This DSLR is ideal for fixed focus conditions, and can record at up to 6.0 fps (RAW + JPEG). Self Cleaning Sensor Unit SELF CLEANING SENSOR UNIT This innovative unit ensures more efficient removal of dust to ensure clearer images. It vibrates the glass with ultrasound to remove the fine dust particles that accumulate on the surface of the infrared absorbing and ultraviolet blocking glass. These particles are adsorbed by the adsorbent unit at the base. The sensor is not affected by external contaminants as it is completely sealed. The anti dust fluorine coating on its front face of the low pass filter effectively eliminates damp or sticky dust particles. Intelligent Viewfinder with Superimposed LCD INTELLIGENT VIEWFINDER WITH SUPERIMPOSED LCD The Intelligent Viewfinder of this camera offers 100percent coverage, a magnification of 0.71x, a viewing angle of 34.1degree, and a 21mm eye point. Thanks to aspherical lens elements, it displays images with less distortion and color aberration. The transparent LCD overlays above the image a customizable combination of gridlines and focus points. The AF status indicator can be made to display within or outside the image area. You can choose to view just the scene, or all the shooting data along with it. 3.2 inch TFT LCD Monitor 3.2 INCH TFT LCD MONITOR This monitor features a resolution of 1,040,000 dots, an anti reflective construction, and Canon's Clear View II technology. You can use it to review your captured images and videos, or shoot high quality movies in the Live View mode. The Live View mode, along with the dual axis electronic level, enables you to display gridlines in 9 sections, 24 sections, or 9 sections with diagonals. You can review the captured footage at a single push of the dedicated Magnify/Reduce button. By pressing it and turning the Mail Dial, you can even zoom in and out of the images by up to 10x. Along with protecting and deleting individual images or entire batches, you can also create slideshows with some or all images. These slide shows can be arranged by date, folders, movies, stills, or rating. For detailed reference information, use the feature guide for the selected menu. New High Dynamic Range (HDR) NEW HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) This functionality enables you to merge three exposures into one image to capture the details of the bright and dark areas within the same image. It is adjustable up to a range of ±3 stops with 5 different effect settings. Multiple Exposure Control MULTIPLE EXPOSURE CONTROL Using just in camera processing, you can create file like images using this mode. You can chose from among additive, average, bright, and dark compositing methods for accurate exposure and composition. Both RAW and JPEG images can be shot with multiple exposures. For rectifying the end result in realtime on the camera’s LCD screen, you can used the RAW images that were shot previously as the reference point. The continuous shooting multiple exposure mode lets you record multiple exposure shots of fast moving objects.
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