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زجاجة رضاعة فيليبس افينت مع تدفق بطيء SCF560/62 كلاسيك بلس 260مل

زجاجة رضاعة فيليبس افينت مع تدفق بطيء SCF560/62 كلاسيك بلس 260مل

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Make your little darling's feeding time fun with the Philips Avent SCF563 61 Classic Plus Slow Flow Baby Bottle. The feeding accessory comes with a slow flow nipple and the Classic Plus bottle. The nipple reduces the occurrence of gagging and spit ups from your child. Soft silicone is used in the making of the teat while the bottle is made using polypropylene. Since these materials are free of BPA, they prevent toxins from leaching into the milk or the formula. A unique valve on the teat with anti colic system flexes itself to match your baby's feeding rhythm. The nipple also allows air into the bottle instead of your sweetheart’s stomach. Clinical trials demonstrate that the nipples, together with the Philips Avent Classic Plus baby bottle, reduce baby fussing significantly. The feeding bottle is ideal for 0 to 12 month old infants. You can easily clean the nipple and the bottle once you are done using them. Philips Avent baby bottle reviews speak unanimously about its high quality. Key Features 260ml 1 month+ BPA free Philips Avent baby bottle Bye Bye BPA Research has demonstrated that BPA works as an endocrine disruptor. The synthetic compound mimics hormones in the endocrine system once it has found its way into food or drinks. BPA can reduce growth of a newborn, his or her birth weight, and may even delay the onset of puberty. The 260ml Philips Avent baby bottle and slow flow nipple is made from BPA free polypropylene and silicone, respectively, making it safe for your child. Philips Avent baby bottle Advanced Design This Philips Avent baby feeding bottle's slow flow nipple implements an anti colic system. This system enables the flexible nipple to lets air into the bottle instead of your baby’s stomach, making it ideal for kids 0 to 12 months of age.
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