KRYOLAN Professional Makeup Dermacolor Camouflage Creme - D32, 4g

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  • Color - D32

  • Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is an especially highly pigmented make-up which is designed to correct and cover skin disfigurements, discolorations and tattoos.

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  • Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is especially suitable for face and neck. With proper use of the Dermacolor Camouflage System skin abnormalities can be easily corrected.

  • Once Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is fixed using Fixing Powder and Fixing Spray from Dermacolor it will be waterproof and protects the skin against damaging UV radiation.

  • Dermacolor Camouflage could last even under extreme conditions like swimming, heat and physical strain.

  • Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is available in an extensive range of shades and those are intermixable which gives the make-up a natural appearance when applied correctly. ECARF certified.

  • For best results always warm the cream to body temperature by mixing it on the back of your hand.

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