SUNSTAR GUM Orthodontic Wax, Vitamin E + Aloe Vera, Mint

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  • GUM® Orthodontic Wax is recommended by dental professionals for relief from the pain and irritation caused by orthodontic appliances.
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  • GUM® Orthodontic Wax protects the gums and the linings of your cheeks and lips, providing a comfortable barrier from the sharp ends of wires and pointed appliance parts.

  • GUM® Orthodontic Wax is also suitable for patients wearing partial dentures where wire clasps may be causing discomfort, sore spots, or abrasions.

  • GUM® Orthodontic Wax is packed in a convenient, small container that is ideal for both at home and outside the home use.

  • Designed to fit easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack wherever you may go.

  • The wax has a mint flavor for a fresh and clean sensation.

  • The wax is easily applied. First cleanse your hands and brush your teeth. Make a small ball out of the wax and cover each of the problem areas. Remove before brushing and between-teeth cleaning. Reapply as needed.

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