SWEED Pro Lash Lift Mascara, Black, 8ml

السعر العادي ٢٬٢٥٧٫٩٢ ج.م.‏ سعر خاص ١٬١٤٢٫٤٠ ج.م.‏
  • Look closely at the wand of Sweed’s Lash Lift Mascara and you’ll discover why it’s the mascara must-have that’s got beauty enthusiasts talking.

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  • Boasting a toothcomb-like brush that allows for ultimate root-to-tip coverage – unlike others in the industry that can leave the first third of your lash roots bare – it effortlessly lengthens and coats each and every lash for instant tightline eyeliner definition.

  • The formula is even infused with panthenol (otherwise known as vitamin B5) to strengthen lashes, too.

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