VIEVE Modern Bronzer

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  • Add bronzed warmth and sculpted definition with the complexion-enhancing duo shades of Modern Bronzer.

  • With two shades in one palette, it’s the best bronzer to add natural looking lift and definition, so you can have sunkissed skin all year round.

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  • The finely milled, soft satin powder formula blends and builds seamlessly for a natural looking finish whether worn alone to add a healthy kiss of colour or applied over makeup to add dimension.

  • Infused with a subtle glow, Modern Bronzer gives a radiant, smoother-looking finish to the skin.

  • Use the lighter shade as a bronzer to add warmth whilst the darker shade can be used to add contour and sculpted definition or customise your colour by mixing both – the combinations are endless.

  • LIGHT: Suitable for fairer skin tones. With subtle hints of pink and honey for a flattering and natural, healthy looking glow.

  • MEDIUM: Suitable for light to medium skin tones. With bronzed amber tones to warm the complexion (this is Jamie’s go-to shade).

  • TAN: Suitable for olive and deeper skin tones. With a terracotta undertone to add warmth and definition.

  • DEEP: Suitable for darker skin tones. With beautiful, rich brown tones to add shape and depth.

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