WESTMAN ATELIER Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer- Soleil riche, 8g

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  • Color: Soleil riche - rich Chocolate

  • Encased in opulent (but travel-friendly!) packaging with a gorgeously embossed texture, the Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer is a must-have on aesthetics alone. Yet, it lends a healthy, glowy, 'I-just-landed-from-Spain' colour with zero tell-tale shimmer that your make up arsenal is desperately calling for.

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  • A buttery blend of nourishing ingredients helps boost hydration while innovative pigment technology protects from environmental stressors

  • Offering a natural-looking, radiant bronze, the Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer boasts intelligent pigment biomimicry technology that protects your precious complexion from ageing environmental stressors.

  • Working as a protective shield for the skin, it locks in moisture while cocoa seed, mango seed and capuacu butters nourish and hydrate cells for a true outdoorsy gleam sans any nasty ingredients like parabens, PEGs or synthetic fragrances.


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