DRUNK ELEPHANT Silkamino Mega Moisturizing Shampoo, 240ml

AED 145.00
  • Just landed and ready to restore damaged hair bonds to a silky-soft, healthy state is the Silkamino collection from Drunk Elephant. The entire range focuses on silk amino acids and silk proteins to target over-processed tresses and leave your hair healthier, shinier and softer than ever before.

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  • It’s time to meet and greet Drunk Elephant's newest hair-loving formula… the Silkamino Mega-Moisturizing Shampoo is full to the brim with nourishing oils and fruit extracts to take even the driest of manes and bring them back to lustrous life.

  • Did you know your hair is made of protein? Which is made of amino acids? So naturally, the best way to repair damaged strands would be with amino acid-rich formulas.

  • This is where Drunk Elephant’s latest strengthening line comes in

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